Carnival Games are available as independent rentals and also, as part of fundraising packages for fire departments, schools, churches and civic organizations. 

GLASS WAREHOUSE provides a variety of glass for carnival glass pitches.  

PRIZE WAREHOUSE provides a variety of high quality prizes suitable for each game available.

A complete GAME LIST BROCHURE with daily rentals is available by contacting the C.O.Fishpaw Company at 877-fishpaw (347-4729.) 

Ball Drop

Darts -Apple, Balloon, Rainbow, Star, Tic-Tac-Toe

Lollipop Tree Tic-Tac-Toe Ball Pitch
Barbie's Beauty Buys Darts - Suction Cups Lucky Six Blocks Tic-Tac-Toe Pitch-a-peg
Bart Simpson Slingshot Bear Crossbow SM/LG Match-the-color Tic-Tac-Toss
Baseball - Velcro Dial-a-prize Milk Bottle Throw  
Bean Bag Toss Duck Pond Milk Can Pitch Wheels
  Apple-A-Day Fish Bowl Toss Miniature Golf   Candy
  Cat Game Fish Pond Mouse Trap   Gen.Merch
  Starbright Five Number Lucky Toss Muffin Pan Toss   Hat
Bear Target Box/Rifle Floating Ball Pick     Plush
Big Six Block Floating Dish Game     Mirror/Pictures
Bingo Toss Football Toss     Sports
Birthday/Holiday Block   Pillow Pitch   Toy
Bowling (5pin)   Ping-Pong Roll   Color Wheel
  Frisbee Toss Pitch Games   Plinko
Camel Hump Frogger Pop-a-Can  
Candy Ball Roll   Pop-a-Clown  
Cartoon Pitch GIANT NET Toss Potty Toss  
Cat Game (Hinged) Glass Pitch    
Chicken-in-the-Pot Goblet Pitch    
  Hook-it Ring Toss Games  
Colorama Block Hoopla (Gift/Giant)    

Color Pan



  Shuffle Board  

Crab Launch

Crazy Ball

Jr High Striker

Soccer Kick


Cube-it Juz Do It!

String Game



Additional Games available for rental

    Double-Shot Basketball     100

    Water Fun Flush                 100